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hree Stars are alluding to the 3 best vineyards in the possession of family Jagunić. The grapes from these vineyards are “multiethnic“.

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Family Jagunić has dedicated its professional life to the production of high-quality wines for 4 generations in a row. They put a lot of effort and love, and the result is a wine that will satisfy the pickiest tasters. Together with family heritage, brothers Dominik and Martin have introduced the most advanced technology to the wine production. They have both graduated enology and each has specialized in his area. Nowadays, the winery has focused on sparkling wines, still white wines and orange wines. And these 3 categories are manifesting the best of Plešivica – one of the most potent terroirs of modern Croatian winemaking.


Plešivica has always been known for its great potential in viticulture. It is a combination of more important factors: altitude, sun exposure, type of soil, exposure to winds, climate and human effort. The sites are carefully selected due to grape variety, soil type and the vision of future wine. These factors are one of the best that Plešivica has to offer in its well-known “amphitheaters “. Family Jagunić owns eight grape varieties on ten locations, all near to the winery, so the time of processing the grapes is short and fast. The harvest is done by hand so the best grapes are selected in the vineyard.


Three Stars are alluding to the 3 best vineyards in the possession of family Jagunić. The grapes from these vineyards are “multiethnic“. Besides Chardonnay and Riesling, the base for this sparkling wine are old Pleševica indigenous grape varieties (one of them is Plavec Žuti) which adds to blend its authenticity. The traditional champenoise method with wine laying on the yeasts gives a serious character to the final product. The ideal balance of citrus, yeastiness, and minerality are supported with creamily high intense bubbles.

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Plešivica, Plešivica – Okić


50% Chardonnay, 40% old indigenous varieties & 10% Riesling


Vrste vina

Sparkling Wine




Brut (6 g/l)


12% vol.

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